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Welcome to the world of

        Blue Aegean Yachting
A world full of the blue waters of Greek sea, the picturesque of the Greek islands, the magic union between Aeolos and Poseidon, to which we call sailing. 
Give to yourself, to your friends and to your partners the chance to live unforgettable moments. 
Meet the Greek islands in a way that you have never imagined.
The purpose of the establishment of the Blue Aegean Yachting company is the quality maximization and the organization of your vacations. Having on its property four sailing boats of high quality and a great number of cooperation’s, nowadays it is the biggest and the most organized fleet in  North Greece. 
The experience of the
  Blue Aegean Yachting members to the following sectors like sea, tourist services and technical organization, combined with sincerity and professionalism, is the secret of success and the guarantee of your choice to entrust us the valuable time of your vacations. 
The sailing school of  Blue Aegean Yachting  is a complete proposal in the sea field. A full training program and an excellent skilled team will lead you to the knowledge of sailing.

  Having as main purpose the best quality of your holidays, Blue Aegean Yachting  company has organized and is offering a complete package of services, by letting you just the pleasure part.
Organized transportation from/to the base of the yacht.

Food and beverages supply to the yacht.

24 hours support (weather, questions, propositions etc).

Sailing lessons during the vacation week.

Organized itinerary and excursions.

The qualified skippers – trainers, have been chosen by the Blue Aegean Yachting company, based on their skills, character and their discretion, making the crew feel comfortable from the very first time. 
Blue Aegean Yachting  company seeks to bring crew and skippers together, before the trip starts, so as their acceptance and adaption to the crew leads to a successful trip. 

Knowing the importance of avoiding problems during your holidays, Blue Aegean Yachting follows a restricted maintenance program during the winter period and during the charters as well. 
Our specialized maintaining team examines, maintains and improves all the parts of the yachts (engine, sails, accessories etc) and guarantees for their faultless function. 
In addition, they are always prepared to offer their services so as to avoid any problem that may be created. 
Finally, a number of spare parts is available for the immediate confrontation of any difficulty, in order to prevent any upheaval of your holiday schedule. 
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